Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gulpavute/Wheat Flour Laddus

The rich nutritious Gulpavute is one of my most favourite desserts. With minimal ingrediants and a simple procedure, this quick and easy laddus can be a time saver when you have unexpected visitors or you are looking for a quick something sweet to eat...

Here is how you make this..


1 cup wheat flour

1 cup jaggery ( you can use brown sugar if you prefer)

1tsp cardamom powder

2tbsp mixture of your favourite nuts (almonds, pista, walnuts) powder them

water 1.5 cups

1tbsp pure ghee(optional)


The most important part of making this laddus is to dry roast the wheat flour patiently for 8minutes till the flour turns golden brown and a nice aroma comes out and keep it aside.

Take a heavy bottom pan, add water and jaggery and wait till the jaggery melts fully. Once it is melted, boil this mixture for 3-4 minutes adding ghee and cardamom powder till bubbles form. Now mix the wheat flour and the nut mixture together and add this powder to the jaggery mixture slowly on low heat stirring constantly till no lumps are formed. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture. Now switch off the heat, keep this mixture aside till it cools a little. Now damp your palm with water or rub ghee on ur palms and make laddus from this mixture.

To add an extra effect , you can sprinkle confectioners sugar if you have and enjoy these nutritious laddus..

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