Monday, August 24, 2009

Barley-Hesarabele Payasa/ Barley-Moongdal Kheer

Barley Moongdal Payasam
Barley is not a very common cereal grain used on a daily basis. However, it is a very healthy grain containing lots of essential amino acids used to control blood sugar and cholesterol. In fact Barley is prescribed for many stomach related ailments. Here is a very delicious Payasa/Kheer made with barley . This is absolutely delicious and very simple to make.
You need;
1 cup barley soaked for 2-3 hours in clean water
Boil the soaked barley for 5mins in boiling water and let it stand for 30minutes. Each grain absorbs all the water and plumps up and ready to use.
Boiled Moongdal -1/4 cup
a pinch of saffron
cardamon powder- 1/2tsp
1/2 cup milk
Sugar cane pieces (optional)
Coconut pieces(optional)
To make
In a thick kadai, heat jaggery with 1/2 cup of water till it melts. To this add the boiled Barley and moong dal till its all mixed well. Boil for another 5minutes. Add saffron, cardamom powder and milk and boil for a minute or two. Finally add the coconut pieces and sugar cane pieces and mix well. Serve this warm or chilled.