Monday, January 7, 2008

Usli Chaat with a refreshing Carrot Cooler....

Usli is a quick all time favourite snack in Bangalore.. I remember the Usli given as prasadam during Ganesh Chaturthi.. the taste was unforgettable.. Loaded with protein with spice and a touch of lime tingle your taste buds..
Here is a variation of usli which has a tang of Chaat as well and hence "Usli Chaat"..
What more healthier than washing this off with a refreshing Carrot Cooler....

For Usli you need:
2cups Matki (you can use any combination of pulses soaked and sprouted)--parboil it till soft but not mushy
1 big red onion
1 small cucumber
2tsp tamarind date chutney
1 cup peanuts roasted and coarsly crushed
juice of lemon
green chillies 4 chopped
cilantro 2twigs
1tsp chat masala
oil 2tsp

in a pan add oil, when heated add curry leaves, green chillies and half the onions. Add turmeric and fry till translucent and switch off the heat..
Boil the matki till it is soft but firm.. Drain the water if any.. now mix the left over onion, cucumber and peanut powder.. To this add chat masala and juice of lemon and salt and mix well. Finally add the cooled fried onion mixture and mix well and serve immediatly...
Carrot Juice:
3large juicy carrots (peeled)
1/2 inch ginger root
1tsp honey..
Blend the above adding 1/2 cup water and strain.. Serve it with crushed ice (optional)...


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

yummy!!! usli is my all time fav too

Toothfairyrecipes said...

Mouth watering recipes as usual:-) My Hubby loves carrot juice but we never added ginger and honey to it, may be we should try it:-)
Thanks for sharing

Vanamala said...

Nice one. yummy !!!

The Red Chilly said...

Ramya.. Usli is my fav too:) easy and nutritious...

Toothfairy.. Thanks:) yes do try adding ginger if you like the taste of ginger.. i love it with anything..

Thanks Vanamala..