Friday, January 4, 2008

Chocolate-Peanut butter Samosas....

For some it's an aphrodisiac, for others an addiction. It's Britain's favourite comfort food and one of the most commonly given presents. Chocolate has many forms and uses, and a long association with pleasure - and guilt (as quoted in BBC...)

Legend says that the Chocolate was the gift of God...The cacao tree was supposedly brought to mankind by Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god who taught mortals how to make a drink from it
Whether it is cocoa, dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.. the flavour is divine..
Here is a recipe which is a little unusual but nevertheless delicious and another way of indulging into this gift from god with a savoury companion served in a cute little chocolate cups & maple syrup/honey....

You Need:
spring roll wraps/puff pastry sheets thawed and cut into rectangular strips...
choco chips-1/2cup
peanut butter-1/2 cup
oil to fry
To serve
chocolate cups which are edible (you can find it in any grocery store)
maple syrup/honey...

First microwave the choco chips till it melts.. if doing it on a stove top, make sure you melt these chips stirring avoiding getting burnt..
Mix peanut butter to this melted chocolate ganache.This will serve as a filling to our samosas..
If using a spring roll wrap.. thaw these wraps, cut it into 2" rectangular strips. place a tbsp
of filling and roll it gently to resemble a samosa.
If using puff pastry.. thaw the sheets, add some all purpose flour and roll out , cut it into recangular strips and follow the same procedure..
Deep fry these samosas and serve with maple syrup/honey....

Tip: if you dont have choco chips, you can mix nutella or any other choco syrup to a thick chunky peanut butter..
(This will be my entry to the JFI Chocolate.....)


Toothfairyrecipes said...

Looks great, thanks for sharing

Paru ... said...


Thanks for your comment..
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Pelicano said...

Your recipe caught my eye- and weakness- right away! Wonderfully sinful...

Paru ... said...

Hey Pelicano..

Thanks for visiting..
Chocolate in any form is sinfully wonderful isnt it..