Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mysore Tomato Rasam & Seasame Peanut Powder (Uchellina Pudi)

Every south indian meal is incomplete without this delicious tangy soup called "Rasam"..The variety is also varied, whether it is the lemon rasam, pepper rasam, pineapple rasam, dal rasam or mysore tomato rasam the flavour is unique and preparation lies in its simple ingredients and lots of boiling...
I have always found the rasam to be more tasty when I boil it for a long time. maybe because the flavours blend in the water base well..This is by far the most simplest dish and goes with plain rice..
The rasam powder is available in all the indian grocery stores by various manufacturers.. However, I like to make this powder once every 2 weeks since it is very simple and the flavours remain fresh..
My favourite aid to this rasam is the authentic brahmin Uchellina Pudi( black seasame spiced powder).. I love the flavour of this spiced powder with rasam rice...
Here is what you need:

Seasame peanut powder:
1 cup peanuts( roasted and preferable deskinned)
1/2 cup Black seasame seeds (dry roasted)
1/2 cup curry leaves( in a tsp of oil fry these leaves till they get crispy)
1tbsp dhania/coriender seeds( fry it with a drop of oil)
a handfull of red chillies ( I love it spicy so i used more)
1tsp jeera

To do;
Roast all the ingredients separately till a nice smell comes (do not over roast)..Grind everything to a fine powder adding salt..

Simple isnt it?..

Now for the Mysore Tomato Rasam:
1/2 cup tuar dal
2 ripe tomatoes
1tsp tamarind paste
To season:
1tsp ghee, 1 twig curry leaves, mustard seeds, jeera and hing

Rasam powder:

Red chillies (equal proportion of bydage & Kashmiri Red chillies) : 2 cupsDhania Seeds : 2 cupsJeera + Pepper corns (together) : 1/2 cup (1/4 + 1/4)Methi seeds + Mustard seeds(together) : 1/4 cup1twig curry leaves
Take a kadai with 1tsp of oil. Roast each ingredient separately for 2-3minutes till crispy and aromatic..Cool them and grind them into a fine powder and store..

To make Rasam:
Pressure cook tuar dal and tomatoes with a pinch of turmeric and a tsp of oil with 3cups of water..
In a vessel, add the cooked dal mixture and boil for 2minutes. To this add 3tsp rasam powder, salt and the tamarind paste and mix well. Now close the lid and let it come to a boil..
Meanwhile in a kadai prepare the seasonings with pure ghee and add it to the boiling rasam..


Asha said...

Happy Monday Paru. I used to Ucchellu chutney, haven"t eaten that in 20 yrs!!! Looks yum!:))

Paru ... said...

Hey Asha,

Happy Monday to you aswell..

I love seasame especially the colorful one we get in india..But black seasame works just fine..
You will love this for sure..


ANNU said...

Your recipes are just awesome…mouth watering photographs.I love your eloquent and simple style.Thanks for all the wonderful recipes! I hope to try most of them soon! [:.I am Anu from


The Red Chilly said...

Hi Annu,

thanks for visiting and leaving an encouraging comment..

Do try them and let me know how it came...

BTW your blog is wonderful too..I love your collection of andhra recipes.. Will definetly be visiting it more often..