Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lipsmacking kurkure chat

"Chaat" makes mouth water..The moment I think of chaat, I visualise all those pani puri vendors out there. Whether it is North, South, East or West chat has become a common wonder snack liked by people of all ages..Whether it is pani puri, Samosa chat, masala puri or papdi chat.. the list is endless and the creativity is so amazing..

Here is a semi homemade quick and delicious snack which the whole family can enjoy anytime of the day..This is semi homemade because I have used store bought Kurkure, cheerios and a few other farsans(optional) to bring in flavours and save tons of time..

Kurkure has become a common snack pack throughout India.. Whether it is a grocery shop or a posh super bazaar the kurkure packs are always handy and the flavours they come in are so amazing..I have found kurkure packs in Indian stores these days aswell since I live in the Northeast USA.. If it is not found, you can replace it with fried tortilla chips, other farsans of your choice or simple rusk bits..


1pack kurkure ( I have used Hyderabadi tamarind flavour)

1cup cheerios(either honeynut or plain cheerios)

4-5 rusk broken into bits

1/4cup raisins

1/2cup salted peanuts(any other nuts if available)

1big onion finely diced

a bunch of cilantro chopped

juice of one lime

2big tablespoons tamarind-date chutney

1big tbsp red chilly chutney( you can make this at home or use maggie red chilly or any other brand of your choice)


First in a clean bowl mix diced onions, cilantro, peanuts, raisins and the chutneys till all are coated well and mixed well. Now mix lime juice. Now add the kurkure, cheerios, rusk bits , toss well and serve immediatly or else they will get too soggy..( You can make the onion mixture before hand and just before serving mix kurkure and other farsans to prevent them from being soggy).


Viji said...


This is a very innovative recipe..i could never think of kurkure and cheerios together :)

i will give it a sure shot...

there is a kurkure recipe contest going on in India..

i could post this one on ur behalf :)

Paru ... said...

Hi Viji.,,:-)

Try it and I am sure you will love it..

Very sweet of you to offer posting this recipe for the kurkure contest..
Go ahead..

Happy Hols