Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tomato Uppinakai/Tomato pickle...& a Tag:)

Tomato Uppinakai"..

With all the tomatoes which has been harvested this home smelled like a big tomato patch :)..I tried almost all the dishes with tomatoes and still left with many more..Finally I realised I hadnt tried my most favourite pickle which I have eaten growing up , which my grandmom made every summer which is the "Tomato Uppinakai"
This version of the pickle is little labourious for the busy bees but nevertheless its worth the effort..

You need:
3cups of ripe tomatoes (Ihave used a mixture of grape, plum, cherry tomatoes)
salt( preferably sea salt, if you dont have it, you can use the regular table salt) 1/4 cup
red hot chillie powder 3 big tbsps (I love it very hot)
hing 1/2tsp
fresh fenugreek powder/methi powder- 2tbsp
oil- 1 cup
seedless tamarind 1/2 cup soaked

To make
cut the tomatoes into big chunks and place the pieces on a baking sheet.. Now sprinkle salt generously and coat the pieces. Bake it at the lowest temperature for an hour.. Keep checking the tomatoes and tossing once in 30minutes..

Now drain all the water which the tomato leaves and dont throw it away. Now grind the baked tomatoes with all the above ingrediants excluding oil and hing..

In a thick kadai,, heat oil, add turmeric and hing to this and gently add the ground tomato paste..
In a medium heat cook this mixture for exactly 20minutes covering the mixture with a lid to avoid spluttering..

After 20minutes, the paste will be very think and oil will float on top indicating it is ready..
Cool this completely and store..This can be served with roti, rice, curd rice or even bread...

Now time to MeMe:)

Curry Leaf of and SriLekha of Me&My Kitchen have tagged me for a MeMe :) Thanks guys. Here are the rules
(a) List these rules on your blog.
(b) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
(c) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

B)7 facts about me:

I am a simply complex character :) living in the US but originally from Namma Bengaluru..

I strongly believe in simplistic living and modern in thinking and trying very hard to follow this principle.

I strongly believe a good upbringing & good friendship is very important to positively influence a person. I am proud of all the people who have influenced my life..

I love my family & they always come first in my priority list..

I have a bachelors in engineering and MS in computer science from RPI, new york and presently working..

I love music from mozart to M. S. Subbalakshmi..

Finally I believe life is full of surprises and Life is very beautiful....

C) I would love to know all my blogger friends.. but sticking to the rules..I would love to tag
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Looking forward to knowing more about you guys :)..


LG said...

Uppinakayi...ummmyummm..with swalpa mosaranna will be a apt combo..will do your MEME..I am a bit busy till Gowri Ganesha habba..will take up after that..

LG said...

btw..Sowmya is a guest author on Cooking Station..she is busy with bunch of relatives in her house..

Sangeeth said...

first time in ur blog and wat a colour ..luved ur tomato colour

Sireesha said...

Tomato pickle looks Gr8.Love the bowl and colour of chutney...Nice reading ur meme.

Paru ... said...

LG..Take your time girl:) I am sure with the festivals around the corner things must be hectic for everybody..Gowri Ganesha habbada shubashayagalu...

Thanks for visiting and providing feedback Sangeeth..

Thanks Siri..Loved your Click picture btw..Great entry..

Suma Rajesh said...

tomato pickle is just inviting me to have as it a sspicy gal abd lov to them so much..nice reading ur meme..


uppinkaki sooperagide ... nice knowing you more

Usha said...

Pickle looks yummy and it was nice reading your tag and getting to know more about you :)

Sukanya said...

You are so lucky that you can pluck freshly grown tomatoes from your garden and cook.What we buy in the supermarket in Singapore can hardly be considered fresh. The recipe is yum.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Mouth watering pickle.

Priti said...

Pickle is making me drooling ...lovely colour ...just feel like having some ;)....nice reading your tag and thanks for passing to me...I'll do soon :)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Sweet Suprise waiting for u in my blog.

Archy said...

Uppinakai tumba chennagi color bandide.. Yavathu try madilla !! Shall try :)!!

Purva Desai said...

Tomato pickle looks lips smacking....
It was good to know more about you thru this Tag