Friday, September 26, 2008

Mysore Badnekai -Kothambari Palya/Green eggplant-Coriender Palya

Badnekai Palya

Mysore Badnekai/green eggplants have a unique flavour.. This is one of my most favourite vegetable. My mom has a very special way of making this vegetable with a coriender masala, it is very simple to make and yet the flavour is out of this world. Here is the recipe..

4 medium sized green eggplants/brinjals(chopped and soaked in cold water)

To make the Coriender masala
a bunch of coriender/cilantro leaves cleaned and chopped
1/2 inch piece of ginger chopped
3-4 green chillies
Make a chutney with the above ingredients..

To make:
In a pan, heat 2tsp oil. Add mustard seeds, 1tsp urad dal, and a little hing. Now add the drained chopped brinjal pieces and mix well. Leave it on a medium flame for 4minutes and these brinjal chunks become crispy . At this point add salt and mix well and leave it for a minute or two. Next, add the coriender masala and mix well for 2-3minutes in a high flame till the chunks are coated well and all the masala seeps through the chunks.
Serve this with chapati/any bread or curd rice..This really tastes very good with plain rice with ghee as well..


Usha said...

Sounds wonderful...what a great idea of using ground cilantro to flavor eggplant :)

Vidhya said...

Wounds new to me Coriander Chutney with eggplant? will this version soon

Curry Leaf said...

Wow,looks delicious.I too am planning something with brinjal and coriander.Send this over to Herb Mania -coriander at siri-corner.Nice to have u back after a long break

DEESHA said...

sounds really good .. hadnt heard of this recipe .. we make gojju in a similar way

n33ma said...

looks so husband loves badnekai and my recipe is pretty much like yours.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow this is simple and easy to make. Curry looks gr8.

Purva Desai said...

Looks really good, have never heard about the same.....but will try this for sure..