Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Makali beru--Nimbekai uppinakai/Marada gaddalu Nimmakai pickle/Lime pickle

Makali Beru/Marada gaddalu/-Limes

When I think of pickles, one flavourful pickle that comes in my mind is the Makali beru (Decaepsis hamiltoni ) lime pickle. I am not sure how many of you have tasted this flavoured root but it has a unique flavour which gives the pickle a good boost. And when used with lime, the combination is so tasty.

Decaepsis hamiltoni is endemic to central peninsular India. Fairly common in the dry hill tracts of Eastern and Western ghats in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
Medicinal Uses: Tuberous roots are used as cooling agent and blood purifier. Hence used to prepare refreshing drinks. Roots are used to cure indigestion, deficient digestive power, dysentery, cough bronchitis, leucorrhoea, uterine hemorrhage, skin diseases, fever, thirst, vomiting, poisoning, chronic rheumatism, anemia, debility, dysuria and blood diseases.

6-7 sticks of Makali beru (Makali beru, Mahali. kizhangu, Maredu gaddalu)
12 green limes
3tbsp red chillie powder, 3 tbsp salt
2tsp fenugreek seeds and 2 dried byadige chillies ( roast both and grind it)

First deskin the Makali beru. Now removed the hard vein which runs midway and chop the root into tiny pieces.
Chop all the limes into chunks of the same size and mix it with the chopped root.
In another plate, mix salt, chillie powder and the fenugreek+dried chillie powder. Add this mixture to the lime + root chunks and fold in gently till each chunk is coated with this spice mixture.
In a clean pickle jar ( You can used a sterilized glass jar aswell) add the pickle mixture gently. Close the lid tightly and keep it aside in a warm place for 5-6 days. On the 7 th day, open the pickle jar and mix the fresh pickle with a wooden ladle and the basic pickle is ready for consumption.

To Use: Take a small quantity of pickle.. To this add the mustard-hing seasoning before use. (Take a tbsp of hot oil, add 1/4tsp hing and mustard seeds till they crack) and add this to the pickle before use. This will enhance the flavour of this aromatic pickle.
Enjoy with yogurt rice or chapattis …..


Ashwini Kumble said...

Hi, Where can I get Makali Beru in USA? Thanks.

Ashwini Kumble said...

Hi, Where can I get Makali Beru in USA? Thanks.

Paru ... said...

Hi Ashwini,

I have not seen malaki Beru in USA so far. What I do is, in IndiaI buy them in bulk when in season, cut them and add them in brine (salted water) and freeze them. This increases the shelf life and you can use it in small quantities when needed in pickles.