Saturday, March 8, 2008

Patrode Masala/ Patra fry

Patrode is a cuisine very famous in Mangalore, Udupi,Karnataka. especially in coastal areas.It is made of Kesuvu/Colocasia leaves which are abundantly available in gardens. A spicy batter made of by grinding rice, bengal gram dal/green gram dal/green gram, tamarind, and red chilly. This batter is smeared on the colocasia leaves. They are then rolled & steam cooked. Ensure that the tamarind is added in good quantity as using less quantity of tamarind may cause itching of the tongue or throat. The steam cooked rolls are then taken out & cut into slices. Patrode is served in different ways. One way is the Patrode Masala/Fry which is a quick delicious tasty evening snack.. Here it is.. I serve this with delicious Mullangi Mosarabajji /Radish Raita...
Semi Homemade patrode masala:
If you dont have time or patience to make the patrode idlis as described above, you can use the instant patra rolls steamed and available in the regular indian grocery store.. I have used the Bhagawati brand of rolls here...
4 patra rolls ( c hop it into chunks)
4 dried red chillies
1/2 cup grated coconu
1/2 tsp turmeric
lime juice
1 tsp seasoning: 2tsp oil, mustard, jeera, hing and curry leaves.

Method: Heat oil in a pan, add all the seasonings and fry. Now add red chillies aand the patra chunks and fry in high flame till the oil coats the chunks well. To this add turmeric and fry more. Now add lime juice and finally garnish with coconut.. Salt is optional since the pre cooked patra has salt content in it...

Mullangi Mosarabajji/Radish Raita;
1 medium sized radish--peel it and grated it
1/2 cup fresh grated coconut
1 cup fresh yogurt-- beat it smoothly
seasoning: 1tsp oil, hing, mustard seeds, 2 dried red chillies, curry leaves

Method: mix the radish in yogurt. Add salt , coconut and seasonings and serve chilled..

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